Best Fabric Glue for Crafting and Repairs


Even if you’re a skilled sewist, there are times when a sewing machine or even a thread and needle can’t do the job.  

If you have a tough job like an upholstery repair, a leather mending task, or need to fix a hole in a rug or carpet, you want to be able to do the job once and have it last.  That’s where choosing the best fabric glue for your particular job is important.

Different fabric glues work on different types of material.   Like any creative task, it’s important to choose the right tool for the job.  

Maybe you want to refashion and embellish an old dress like Marcy at Oonaballona, or maybe you just need to fix the strap on your backpack.

Here’s what you need to know to choose the best fabric glue to get your problems solved once and for all. 

Now let’s have a look…

10 Best Fabric Glues for Crafting & Repair Projects

We took a look at the top brands of fabric glues and adhesives to weed through the noise and figure out which products are perfect for which tasks.  

Here are our 10 choices for the Best Fabric Glue.  

Read on to find the perfect fabric adhesive for your individual needs.

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#1 Aleene’s Super Fabric Adhesive

Aleene’s Platinum Bond Adhesive Super Fabric 2 oz
  • Super-strong hold for gluing heavy-duty embellishments to fabric
  • Ultra flexible
  • Dries clear; Non yellowing
  • Permanent
  • Machine washable – Wait 72 hours before laundering

All the Details

  • Dry Time: Fast drying
  • Color: Dries Clear
  • Type: Permanent
  • Washable: After 72 hours
  • Materials: Felt, leather, denim, canvas, satin, vinyl, cotton and poly blends

What We Like

  • Can use it on multiple types of fabric
  • Washable
  • Dries clear
  • Flexible bond

What We Don’t Like

  • Strong odor
  • The application tip gets clogged easily

Our Verdict

All around good choice for a washable, flexible fabric glue. This is one of our top picks for best fabric glue for heavy duty materials that require a strong adhesive.

#2 Dritz 394 Liquid Stitch

Dritz Liquid Stitch Fabric Mender, 1.69-Fluid Ounce, Clear
  • Mends rips, tears and holes
  • Repairs most fabric surfaces including clothing, furniture and accessories
  • Apply patches and sequins and secure hems
  • Dries quickly
  • Machine washable and dryable

All the Details

  • Dry Time: Dries Quickly
  • Color: Dries Clear
  • Type: Permanent
  • Washable: Machine Washable and Dryable
  • Materials: Works on most fabrics, patches, sequins, hems, etc.

What We Don’t Like

  • Strong odor
  • Thick so it can be more awkward to apply
  • Applicator tip can plug up after first use

Our Verdict

Another good choice for a quick drying, washable and dryable fabric glue. Great for putting patches on uniforms.

#3 Tear Mender Fabric and Leather Adhesive

All the Details

  • Dry Time: 3 minutes +
  • Color: Milky White
  • Type: Permanent Latex Adhesive
  • Washable: Washable
  • Materials: Canvas, leather, fabric, shoes, tarps, denim, heavyweight materials

What We Like

  • Non-toxic
  • Works wonders on heavy-duty materials

What We Don’t Like

  • Contains latex so beware if you have a latex allergy

Our Verdict

This fabric adhesive works well for rips, tears, and holes in fabric. Works best for porous fabrics.

#4 Gear Aid Waterproof Sealant & Adhesive for Tents and Outdoor Fabric

GEAR AID Seam Grip WP Waterproof Sealant and Adhesive for Tents and Outdoor Fabric, Clear, 1 oz, 2 pack
  • Seal seams and permanently repair holes in tents tarps awnings rainflys and camping gear like Thermarest sleeping pads
  • Treat up to up to 12’ of seams (1 oz) or repair torn outdoor fabrics with an adhesive that cures into a flexible rubber seal also available in an 8 oz tube
  • Waterproof gear with a sealant that flexes with fabric and bonds to nylon polyester canvas leather and vinyl
  • Apply it to repair or re-proof gear without worrying about the seal peeling or cracking includes two applicator brushes
  • Packaging may vary

All the Details

  • Dry Time: 8-12 hour cure time
  • Color: Dries Clear
  • Type: Permanent
  • Waterproof
  • Materials: Tents, camping gear, awnings, umbrellas, leather, canvas

What We Like

  • Easy to apply with included brushes and cap
  • Flexible bond

What We Don’t Like

  • Strong odor

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for the best fabric glue to repair a tent or outdoor equipment this one can’t be beat. The cure time is long, but it makes for a long-lasting repair.

#5 Odif 505 Temporary Spray Adhesive

Odif Usa 505 Spray and Fix Temporary Fabric Adhesive, 14.7oz
  • Temporary, repositionable, fabric adhesive used to temporarily bond fabric
  • Odorless, colorless, no mist, does not gum sewing needles
  • Use for machine applique, quilting and basting
  • Excellent for holding fabric to stabilizers in machine embroidery and hemming
  • Acid free – no CFC’s

All the Details

  • Dry Time: Quick
  • Color: Clear
  • Type: Temporary
  • Washable: Temporary
  • Materials: Fabric, applique, quilting, paper projects

What We Like

  • Acid free, non CFC formula
  • Great for all kinds of sewing projects were you need a temporary fabric glue
  • Won’t gum up your sewing machine needles

What We Don’t Like

  • Spray nozzle can clog if you don’t spray upside down after each use

Our Verdict

Our favorite of the best fabric glue spray products. Works great for quilting, and applique. Spray lightly and use in a well-ventilated area.

#6 Sewline Water Soluble Fabric Glue Pen

Sewline Riolis Sewline Water-Soluble Fabric Glue Pen with Refill-Blue
  • Perfect for your fabric projects Quick convenient and effective way to hold fabrics for sewing
  • Easier than pins
  • This package contains one 5-1/2 inch fabric glue pen and one refill
  • It is an Imported item

All the Details

  • Dry Time: Quick
  • Color: Dries clear
  • Type: Temporary
  • Washable: Water soluble
  • Materials: Lightweight fabrics like quilting cotton and garment weight fabrics

What We Like

  • Super convenient to use pen applicator
  • Works better than pins for sewing tricky areas
  • Won’t gum up your machine or needles

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive for a product much like a glue stick

Our Verdict

This is one of those products that you can’t believe you never heard of. It’s perfect for paper piecing applique and simply holding seams together when pins are a problem. This is a must-have quilting accessory for serious quilters.

#7 Gutermann HT2 Fabric Glue

Gutermann HT2 Glue for Fabrics Applications Wool Tapes Resistant Repairs Hem Cotton Washing
  • For attaching fabrics, fabric, ribbon, cotton, linen, felt, wool, applications, leather, PVC and much more…
  • Ideal for the repair of holes and crevices in clothing such as jackets, trousers, shirts…
  • Textile use on: Apply on one side and leave to dry for 7 minutes.
  • Also for hemming Jeans and Trousers, velvet or for attaching felt applications.

All the Details

  • Dry Time: 10+ minutes
  • Color: Clear
  • Type: Permanent
  • Washable: Washable at low temperatures, can be dry cleaned
  • Materials: Ribbon, cotton, linen, felt, leather

What We Like

  • Works well to glue fabric to other materials.
  • Very strong bond when instructions are followed

What We Don’t Like

  • Dries out quickly so make sure to recap when not using

Our Verdict

This is a great choice for the best fabric glue if you want to be able to glue fabrics and various other crafting items. Follow the directions carefully to get the best results.

#8 Aleene’s Fabric Fusion

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Adhesive, 8-Ounce, Clear
  • Perfect to adhere to a variety of surfaces and embellishments
  • Fabric adhesive does not string while you apply it to fabric
  • Available in an 8-ounce bottle

All the Details

  • Dry Time: Quick
  • Color: Clear
  • Type: Permanent
  • Washable: Machine washable, dry cleanable
  • Materials: Cotton, flannel, jersey, leather, trims, beads, sequins

What We Like

  • You can cut the applicator tip for a fine, medium or thick application
  • Doesn’t string out when applying and make a mess
  • Remains flexible when dry
  • Water-based and non-toxic

What We Don’t Like

  • Must be used sparingly for best results

Our Verdict

A great choice if you’re looking for the best fabric glue that is non-toxic and still does a great job. You can use this to glue down scout patches and embellish just about anything.

#9 Aleene’s Tacky Pack Fabric Glue Set

Aleene’s Tacky Pack Fabric Glue, 5pk, 0.66 Fl Oz
  • The perfect size and assortment of your favorite glues!
  • Always test for best results.
  • Available in five .66 fluid oz miniature bottles
  • Product_Type: Bonding_Adhesives

All the Details

  • 5 Fabric Glue Assortment including:
  • Fabric Fusion
  • Flexible Stretchable Fabric Glue
  • OK To Wash It Glue
  • Jewel-In Embellishing Glue
  • No-Sew Temporary Fabric Glue

What We Like

  • A glue to have on hand for practically any project involving fabric
  • Great way to sample products to see if they work for your job

What We Don’t Like

  • Very small sizes mean you’ll have to buy more if you have a large fabric glue need

Our Verdict

This is a product sampler of Aleene’s fabric glue products. Nice to have on hand if you do a lot of fabric work and hate having to run out to the fabric or craft store. If you know which fabric glue you’ll need, however, you’d be better off buying a full size of that product instead.

#10 Mod Podge Glue & Finish for Fabric

Mod Podge Eight Fabric, 8-ounce, Transparent, 8 Fl Oz
  • CONVENIENT & VERSATILE SIZE – Mod Podge Fabric is an all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish that’s perfect for all your fashion crafts. Add this unique formula, in an 8 oz bottle, to your art supplies
  • STUNNING, DURABLE FINISH – This handy decoupage glue comes in a beautiful gloss finish to preserve the beauty of your fabric decoupage projects
  • UNIQUE FABRIC CRAFTS – This permanent formula works on a variety of fabric surfaces and is machine washable (cold water, gentle cycle after 72 hours) – making this a must-have product for all your fabric arts and crafts!
  • EASY TO CLEAN UP – Clean up is easy with Mod Podge! When you’re finished with your decoupage project, simply clean up any extra while wet with soap and water
  • MANUFACTURING – We proudly create Mod Podge in the USA!

All the Details

  • Dry Time: Quick dry
  • Color: Dries Clear with a glossy finish
  • Type: Permanent, fabric glue, sealant, and finish
  • Washable: Hand wash
  • Materials: Fabric and paper creative art projects

What We Like

  • Non-toxic water-based formula is great for kids projects
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water

What We Don’t Like

  • Need a brush to apply
  • Doesn’t work as well with heavier fabrics

Our Verdict

This is more of a fabric glue to use for crafting if you want to adhere pieces of fabric to fabric or fabric to paper. It’s easy to use like regular Mod Podge and fun for all ages.

Chosing the best fabric glue depends on so many things. This guide will help you choose the best glue for your needs.

What is Fabric Glue?

Fabric glue or fabric adhesive is a way to join fabric, leather, and other materials without stitching.  

Fabric glues are designed to form a strong bond with fabrics and other fabric-like material like leather.  They are usually pretty easy to use and most are designed to dry quickly.  

They work well in situations where it’s just not possible to make a repair with a sewing machine, or places where you just want to bond two pieces of material together without stitching.

Why Would You Need Fabric Glue?

You might choose to use fabric glue if you have any of the following craft or repair projects:

  • Upholstery repairs
  • Leather projects
  • Home decor projects
  • Wearable art
  • Children’s art projects
  • Vinyl repairs
  • Craft projects
  • Attaching beads, rhinestones, sequins, trim, ribbons
  • Attaching pom poms
  • Vehicle upholstery repairs
  • To temporarily baste or hold fabric in position before sewing
  • Decorations
  • Attaching patches
  • To repair hems
  • For fabric applique

If your project is unwieldy, but you’d rather repair it by sewing, check out our guide to the best handheld sewing machine for our top recommendations.

Different Types of Fabric Glue

Temporary Fabric Glue

This type of fabric glue is a good choice if you’re looking to temporarily hold your fabric in place while you sew it permanently, or if you just want a temporary hold that will wash out later.

Permanent Fabric Glue

This type of fabric glue is designed to create a permanent bond.  This may be the best fabric glue for you if you don’t anticipate ever wanting to take your work apart in the future.  

Waterproof Fabric Glue

This special fabric glue is made to be waterproof once dry and cured.  It’s the best choice if you want to be able to launder your project, or if it will be in an environment where it will get wet.  

Fabric Repair Patches

While technically more than just a fabric glue, these fabric repair kits come with everything you need for specific repairs on leather, and fabric and are a good choice for upholstery, vinyl, etc. 

Pros of Using Fabric Glue

Fabric glue may be the right choice for you if:

  • You need a quick, durable repair
  • You choose not use a sewing machine
  • You want a non-toxic glue for crafting 
  • You want an easy option for kids’ projects

Cons of Using Fabric Glue

  • Fabric glue can sometimes discolor when aged
  • Some types can be stiff and inflexible
  • Some have strong toxic odors
  • Some may not be a good choice if your project will be subject to large swings in temperature
  • Usually not a good choice if you will be needing to iron your repair in the future.

Ways to Apply Fabric Glue


Most of these are plastic squeeze bottles.  Some have screw-on lids and some have pop-on caps.  You control the application by how hard you squeeze the bottle.  


Similar to fabric glue in a bottle, a tube is just another way to apply adhesive.  Many tubes also come with an applicator which allows for more accurate application

Aerosol Can

Spray adhesive can bond a variety of materials besides fabric.  You can put on a very thin coat with a spray can, and it usually dries clear.   This can be a messy way to apply adhesive and usually has strong fumes.  

Important Features to Look For in the Best Fabric Glue

Drying speed

Some fabric glues dry quickly,  while others take longer to dry and form a strong bond.  

If you’re going to wash your fabric after using fabric glue, the drying time is definitely something to take into consideration.

Sometimes slower drying adhesives make a stronger bond.

Glue Color when Dry

Some fabric glues dry clear, while some keep their milky appearance.  Keep this in mind if you don’t want to see your fabric glue when dry.

Bond Quality

If you’re looking for the best fabric glue for a fabric that will be laundered often, look for an adhesive that can stand up to wear and tear and repeated washings.

If you just want to repair a fabric Christmas ornament, you may not need a fabric glue that will be washed at all.

Bond Flexibility

Some fabric glues set into a stiff, but strong bond.  If your project will need to be flexible and bend, make sure you choose the best fabric glue that stays flexible and supple even after drying.


If your repair project will be washed, make sure your choice of fabric adhesive won’t weaken when wet or put through a wash cycle. 

If the label doesn’t say it’s washable, it probably isn’t a good choice for a repair that will need washing.


Fabric glues can be expensive since you’re only buying small amounts at a time.  Most glues are available in larger sizes if you use a lot of glue or adhesive on a regular basis.  

Otherwise, buying a large quantity of fabric glue usually isn’t a good idea since if you only use it on an infrequent basis, it may dry out or become harder to apply and use. 

Ease of Use

Fabric glues usually come packaged in tubes or bottles.  Take a look at the applicator on your choice to make sure it will work for your project.


If you plan to use fabric glue around children and pets, choose a non-toxic formula.  Non-toxic formulas are also better for the environment, which is always a good feature in any product.

Tips for Using Fabric Glue

  • Always read the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you’re choosing the best fabric glue for your application.
  • Some fabric glues work best with synthetic fabrics – again read the label
  • Brush off the area to be glued to remove any debris if the fabric is porous
  • For non-porous materials like vinyl, make sure the surface is clean
  • Remove excess glue immediately before it begins to set
  • Use in a well ventilated area

Summary: Our Top Picks for Each Application Type

Here’s a recap of our favorite choices for best fabric glue in three categories: bottle, tube, spray and heavy duty applications.

The Takeaway:  Which is the Best Best Fabric Glue for Me?

Before choosing the best fabric glue for your creative or repair project, take a look at the types of materials you want to join, the strength of the bond you’re looking for, and how you’ll care for the item once repaired.  

Using these simple criteria, you’ll be able to choose the best fabric glue for your individual needs.  

It’s common to keep more than one type of fabric adhesive around because of the variety of repair and creative projects you may encounter.

Happy creating (and repairing)!

Finding the best fabric glue for your creative task or repair can be daunting.  This guide helps you weed through all the info so you can pick the right one for your job.